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What we do

The network has the strong belief that professionalization in the industry can only happen when research and technology development are driven by practice and guided by scientific rigor. We therefore use advanced technologies and sensors, such as GPS, thermography, digital imaging and virtual reality tools to:

  • Make explicit operational behavior or a....... Read more>

Research theme

Our research corresponds to on-going changes worldwide in the asphalt paving industry:

  • A focus on quality and risks: Longer guarantee periods, shifting design tasks and risks towards contractors, more focus on value instead of costs, higher penalties;

  • Decreasing availability of time and space to complete the work at the construction site ....  Read more>





ASPARi is a collaborative research effort between researchers of the University of Twente and some of the largest contractors in the Netherlands. We have recently expanded our network to include researchers from the University of Concepcion in Chile. Researchers and Contractors work together in research projects and technology development to improve the performance of the asphalt construction process and its related activities. The common goal is to reduce variability in the construction process and in so doing, improve overall quality of paving and compaction processes.




Do you want to collaborate with us?

Should you be interested in collaborating, send us an email:

Seirgei Miller    

Farid Vahdatikhaki

André Dorée    


Or use the contact form below

How to reach us

We can be found on the picturesque University of Twente campus in the east of the Netherlands. Our physical address is:


Department of Civil Engineering

University of Twente

Horst Tower Room Z219

5 Drienerlolaan

7522 NB Enschede

You can also call our secretary at:

+31 53 489 4254

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