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ASPARi hosts the 3rd Public Clients Workshop

Together with Asfalt-impuls' High Tech Low Cost (HTLC) commission, ASPARi hosted its 3rd Public Client workshop on 24 March 2022 at the SOMA College in Harderwijk.  The workshop was organised by HTLC project manager Berry Bobbink and ASPARi researcher, Seirgei Miller. Stimulating presentations were provided by Mirjam Vis (Asfalt-impuls), Frank Bijleveld (Strukton), Berry Bobbink (HTLC Project Leader), Marco Oosterveld (BAM Infra) and Berwich Sluer (Boskalis). 

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The workshop was specifically aimed at Public Clients who would like to know more about the HTLC project, the broader application of SMART technologies in road construction, digitalization, the development of appropriate contracts to stimulate the use of new technologies and most importantly, the benefits for Public Clients. The benefits were illustrated through a recent demonstration project carried out on the N638 of the Noord-Brabant Province and included demonstrating the integration of data in the GIS-asset management system of the province.  

Frank Bijleveld, workshop chairperson and until recently, the chairperson of the HTLC commission, stressed the need for more involvement from Public Clients given the adoption and use of new technologies is growing at a very slow pace for Contractors and Public Clients outside of the ASPARi network. Public Clients were encouraged to take part in the HTLC initiative through conducting demonstration projects and formally joining the ASPARi network. Given the need to reduce variability in construction process and therefore, increase the durability of constructed asphalt layers, Frank and others stressed the need for Public Clients and Contractors to work towards jointly developing an appropriate contract form that encourages the adoption of new technologies, embracing digitalisation and in so doing, raise the overall quality of construction. More importantly, as a result of data-driven approaches, Public Clients could take advantage of the many benefits of digitization, including developing a better understanding of the product quality delivered, conducting more accurate risk assessment using data-driven methods, and developing improved asset management with more actionable data.

Please contact Seirgei Miller at should you need more information. 

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