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ASPARi's mini-symposium 2023

December  2023

On December 6th, we hosted our annual mini-symposium, and we want to thank colleagues and friends for their contributions to the insightful discussions. We look forward to future events!

Click here to access the presentations.

ASPARi's annual mini-symposium

November 2023

Beste collega's en vrienden van ASPARi,

U bent van harte uitgenodigd voor het jaarlijkse mini-symposium van ASPARi op woensdag 6 december 2023 om 8.30 op het SOMA College in Harderwijk. Op het symposium wordt een selectie van PhD-, PDEng- (EngD), en Master projecten gepresenteerd.


Klik hier voor het programma.

Stuur een mail naar mevrouw Jacqueline Nijhof-Leusink ( als u het evenement wilt bijwonen. Wij zouden het op prijs stellen als u dit evenement onder de aandacht van geïnteresseerde collega's zou willen brengen. Aan dit evenement zijn geen kosten verbonden.


We horen graag van u en zien u graag op het evenement.

Met vriendelijke groeten,


Seirgei Miller

ASPARi Onderzoekscoördinator

Civil engineering students visit construction projects for the first time

Sep 2023

Civil Engineering's new first-year students had the privilege of visiting two construction projects on Thursday 28 September 2023. ASPARi construction company Van Gelder and local contractor NTP opened their doors to our students, many of whom were visiting a construction project for the first time.


Many thanks to the staff of the two companies. Van Gelder's Dinand, Wilco, Jos, Thijmen and Ap provided details of their Westerval project. In turn, Andre and Koen of NTP provided many interesting details about their Elferinksweg project, where they are facing some exciting challenges. Other than learning about the design and construction of roads, water and sewer reticulation systems, landscaping and many other aspects, both projects provided students with insights into how projects are managed, environmental and societal challenges, the Gemeente Enschede's vision for the city and how civil engineers (designers and contractors) aim to achieve that vision.


All in all, an informative day for our students.


Seirgei Miller and Erik Horstman

(on behalf of the Module 1 team)

Click here for checking some pictures.


ASPARi Roller simulator a success at the study choice event

Aug 2023

After BAM training company managed to attract a lot of attention at the Skills The Finals event (student event) in May with the use of the ASPARi roller simulator, it was also built for the E-Tech Experience Amsterdam that took place on 15 June in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.

At this event, the education community, the business community, and the municipality of Amsterdam joined forces to make as many students as possible enthusiastic about technique & technology. There was an E-kart race where students could compete against each other with self-built electric karts. In the midfield of the Olympic Stadium, students were able to get acquainted with companies that work in the world of e-mobility, circularity, digitization, and installation technology through fun hands-on activities. As with the Skills event, this is an excellent opportunity for BAM  to represent the road construction sector.

With the use of the BAM inspection drone and the roller simulator borrowed from ASPARi, students were given the opportunity to become acquainted with innovative methods in road construction (partly developed by ASPARi). On a beautiful warm sunny day, the roller simulator was ready in the beautiful setting of the Olympic Stadium to make students enthusiastic about a great career in road construction. Once again there was a lot of attention for the roller simulator. Therefore, the BAM training company will continue to enjoy using the roller simulator at Study Choice Days in Veldhoven, Zwolle, Utrecht, and Rotterdam. (

Click here for checking some pictures.


BAM showcases ASPARi simulator to young people at the RAI

May 2023

The Skills The Finals event was held in the RAI Amsterdam on March 23rd and 24th. The Dutch finals for professional competitions Skills Talents (VMBO) and Skills Heroes (MBO) were held in this annual event for (V)MBO students.


A career orientation program LOB Experience was also provided during the event. Many practical companies participated through interactive stands where young people could gain experience that can be used for school and study choices. The BAM training company joined the event with the support of various disciplines, including BAM Infra Asphalt. Many young people tried to compact an asphalt pavement properly using the roller simulator developed by ASPARi and under the guidance of BAM roller operator Sofie van der Meijden. Every one of them concluded that (virtually) driving a tandem roller is quite difficult, and even more so the proper compaction of a road section with a roller. Only the enthusiasts who visited the stand several times to give it another try were ultimately able to achieve a satisfactory result.


In 2 days, the roller simulator, among other things, attracted many young people to the stand with the roller simulator for their first introduction to (road) construction and asphalting in particular. This has brought the sector, BAM, and ASPARi to the attention of young people as innovative institutions that also offer attractive and challenging job prospects for modern young people.

Click here for checking some pictures.


Marcel Sprenger


João Oliveira dos Santos nominated for Civil Engineerings Teacher of the Year award

March 2023

The annual Teacher of the Year for the Civil Engineering Department came to a close on 23 March 2023. ASPARi researcher Joao was nominated by students and his competition presentation was very well received. Alas, he did not win the award. We were hoping that he would join fellow ASPARi researchers Seirgei (1 win) and Farid (3-time winner) in bringing the coveted prize. There's another opportunity next year. So, keep on trying and keep the ASPARi flag flying high.  Once again, congratulations Joao.

Sajad Mowlaei graduated

March 2023

The Engineering Doctorate degree was awarded to Sajad Mowlaei after successfully defending his EngD thesis entitled  "Towards a Parametric and Context-realistic Compaction Training Simulator". Sajad undertook this rather complex project under the daily supervision of Farid Vahdatikhaki (ASPARi, Civil Engineering), Bas Kolloffel, and Ilhona Friso van den Bos (BMS). This first phase of development of the asphalt compaction simulator would not have been possible without the involvement of the SOMA College's trainees and teachers, and ASPARi contractors' experienced roller operators. The simulator has been showcased at several expos including the Infratech held in Rotterdam and at the RAI.


Should you have any questions about the simulator, please email Farid or Seirgei

ASPARi in Contracts

March 2023

The ASPARi in Contracts document is almost finalized. After almost 3 years of meetings, discussions, demonstration projects, and even more discussions, Asfaltimpuls' High Tech Low Cost (HTLC) commission is rounding off its work. Its efforts have resulted in the attached draft document. This document provides a further explanation of the way in which the ASPARi philosophy can be used to record and improve the asphalt construction process by means of a Process Quality Improvement (PQi) measurement. The document has been prepared to explain commonly used terms and includes recommendations for including PQi measurements in contracts.


First of all, the general introduction presents an overview of recent developments and backgrounds. Subsequently, in PART 1, the practical use of the PQi instrument is explained in more detail, and instructions are given on how this can be included in contracts. For interested clients, contractors, and related parties, PART 2 presents a more extensive and in-depth perspective with which a (future) vision and direction can be formed for further development of the PQi method in the Quality Assurance activities of an asphalt contractor.


We are indebted to several people in reaching this milestone. The initial discussions to have the ASPARi PQi methodology integrated into contracts were started by Frank Bijleveld (Strukton) and Kees Nelissen (Gemeente den Haag). Together with Erwin Vega (CROW) and Seirgei Miller (ASPARi, University of Twente), the group prepared an Asfalt Impuls proposal and plan of action. The arrival of Berry Bobbink as project manager provided the much-needed impetus for collaboration with public clients and resulted in the group's current expanded membership. This draft document has mainly been prepared by Marco Oosterveld and Marjolein Galesloot (BAM Infra), and Berwich Sluer (Boskalis).  Valuable contributions and comments have been provided by: Seirgei Miller (ASPARi, University of Twente), Berry Bobbink (BB Infra Asfalt Advies), Frank Bijleveld (APA, APRR, APT), Ric Vergeer, Carla Vosmaer (Provincie Noord-Brabant), Wim Rolff of Roelofs (Gemeente Amsterdam), Robbert Rouwenhorst, Mathieu van den Hurk (Provincie Gelderland), Wouter Heijsser (Heijmans), and Harco Kersten (Rijkswaterstaat).

ASPARi 5.0 (2023 – 2026): Our network starts a new collaboration phase

March 2023

We are proud to announce that the ASPARi Network made up of the University of Twente researchers, ten of the largest contractors in the Netherlands, and Rijkswaterstaat, the National Road Agency, will continue to collaborate in projects and issues of mutual interest for the next 4 years. The decision was taken at the Annual Founders Meeting which, recently took place at the SOMA College in Harderwijk. Four main themes (pillars) are distinguished for the ASPARi program for 2023-2026, in which the various initiatives, developments, and projects can be clearly defined and incorporated. These are (1) the improvement of process control aimed at the reduction of variability, the adoption of method-based (scientific) practices and making improvements in terms of planning, organization and logistics, (2) digitalization given that there are significant benefits to be gained in terms of improvements in quality and productivity, (3) a need to continually upscale asphalt construction education and materials at the vocational, technological and scientific education levels (education and training) given the large-scale adoption and implementation of new technologies and digitalization will result in changing roles for operators, engineers and managers, and (4) monitoring and durability given economic, social, technological and environmental implications

ASPARi's annual mini-symposium

December 2022

ASPARi held its annual mini-symposium on 14 December 2022. The popular symposium was attended by road authorities, contractors, machine manufacturers, universities, and a few consultants. The presentations delivered by PhD, EngD, master and bachelor students, covered a range of topics. These included amongst others, the automation of the asphalt construction process, sustainable pavement management, digitization of the asphalt supply chain, retrofitting asphalt plants and in-place recycling techniques. Take a look at the presentations by clicking on this link.


Click here for checking some pictures.

ASPARi's annual mini-symposium

November 2022

Beste collega's en vrienden van ASPARi,


U bent van harte uitgenodigd voor het jaarlijkse mini-symposium van ASPARi op woensdag 14 december 2022 van 8.30 tot 15.00 uur op het SOMA College in Harderwijk. Op het symposium wordt een selectie van PhD-, PDEng- (EngD), Master- en Bachelor projecten gepresenteerd.


Klik hier voor het programma.

Stuur een mail naar mevrouw Jacqueline Nijhof-Leusink ( als u het evenement wilt bijwonen. Wij zouden het op prijs stellen als u dit evenement onder de aandacht van geïnteresseerde collega's zou willen brengen. Aan dit evenement zijn geen kosten verbonden.


We horen graag van u en zien u graag op het evenement.

Met vriendelijke groeten,


Seirgei Miller

ASPARi Onderzoekscoördinator

#1 ASPARi newsletter 2022

June 2022

The year started well with a few ASPARi activities that deserve a special mention. First, the online Supplier Day was an absolute success with international presenters providing a global perspective on the status of machine system development, standards, specifications, communication and resources to drive adoption and implementation. Secondly, the Commissioners' Day provided an opportunity to discuss the widespread implementation of digital technologies.

The bachelor and master project seasons have started. We introduce 3 master and 4 bachelor students who carry out projects with us. PDEng'ers Inga Maria, Shen and Mohammad are still working on their projects and are also busy with PQi measurements all over the Netherlands. The ASPARi crew also provided well-received simulator training workshops for Ballast Nedam and Strukton at the SOMA. ... Download>

Farid wins the prize for Teacher of the Year Civil Engineering

Apr 2022

Congratulations to ASPARi researcher, Farid Vahdatikhaki, for winning the Civil Engineering Teacher of the Year award for 2022!! He once again blew his fellow nominees with an amazing video demonstrating his teaching skills and absolute dedication to making teaching and learning as enjoyable as possible for our students. It is the second time he has won the prize and he is again competing against colleagues from other faculties who have been nominated for the University of Twente prize. Great stuff Farid. He made us proud and kept the Civil Engineering and ASPARi flags high. We wish him every success with the UT-wide competition.

ASPARi hosts the 3rd Public Clients Workshop

March 2022

Together with Asfalt-impuls' High Tech Low Cost (HTLC) commission, ASPARi hosted its 3rd Public Client workshop on 24 March 2022 at the SOMA College in Harderwijk.  The workshop was organised by HTLC project manager Berry Bobbink and ASPARi researcher, Seirgei Miller. Stimulating presentations were provided by Mirjam Vis (Asfalt-impuls), Frank Bijleveld (Strukton), Berry Bobbink (HTLC Project Leader), Marco Oosterveld (BAM Infra) and Berwich Sluer (Boskalis). 

A summary of the discussions can be found by clicking here and the presentations by clicking here.

ASPARi host their 2nd Equipment Manufacturers Seminar in February 2022

February 2022

The day’s presentations showed a distinctly positive turnaround. The majority of companies present at the 1st ASPARi Equipment Manufacturers workshop held in 2014, were reluctant to move in the direction of open systems given concerns of intellectual property, machine interoperability and data sensitivity. While there are still questions to be answered and work to be done, things appear to be moving in the right direction. Machine manufacturers and system developers are more inclined to developing open systems, sharing data, and working more closely with contractors, engineers and road authorities. It appears that business strategies are moving more and more in the direction of open communication, linked systems and lifecycle-based system development. This bodes well for the future.

A summary of the seminar’s discussions can be found by clicking here and the presentations can be found by clicking here. To facilitate further discussion, ASPARi will be hosting a follow-up workshop around November 2022.

#3 ASPARi nieuwsbrief 2021

December 2021

Het was een druk jaar in de ASPARi unit. Vijf bachelor- en twee masterstudenten heb-ben hun projecten succesvol afgerond. Dit jaar zijn er twee nieuwe PDEng-projecten gestart. Dat zijn Mohammad Sadeghian en Inga Maria Giorgadze. Zij stellen zich in de nieuwsbrief aan u voor. Enkele dagen geleden ASPARi-PDEng Afshin Jamshidi zijn scriptie met succes. Goed gedaan ‘professor’ Jamshidi. Naar verwachting verdedigt Babs Ernst haar PDEng scriptie, over wegenbouw lesmateriaal voor de HBO-sector, medio 2022. ... Download>

ASPARi symposium 2021

December 2021

Een succesvol jaarlijks ASPARi mini-symposium vond plaats op 8 December online. De presentaties zijn te vinden op ... Download>

#2 ASPARi nieuwsbrief 2020

November 2020

Wat een rare wereld waarin we leven en werken op dit moment. Tot dusver is het een heel ander jaar geweest. Wie had begin dit jaar kun-nen vermoeden dat we te maken zouden krijgen met een COVID-virus dat de manier waarop we leven en werken aanzienlijk verandert. Het heeft zeker de manier veranderd waarop onze studenten hun onderzoek uitvoeren ... Downloaden>

#1 ASPARi nieuwsbrief 2020

June 2020

Het coronavirus heeft onze levens op vele manieren verstoord. Ik weet zeker dat dit tot zekere hoogte ook bij jullie gebeurd is. Hier op de Universiteit Twente en bij onze ASPARi-onderzoeksgroep, is er veel veranderd ... Downloaden>

ASPARi Symposium 2019

December 2019

Een succesvol jaarlijks ASPARi mini-symposium vond plaats op 4 December in het SOMA-college te Harderwijk. De presentaties zijn te vinden op ... Downloaden>

#1 ASPARi newsletter 2019

October 2019

It is that time of the year when our University of Twente students are searching for and starting up their final bachelor projects and of course, some are ... Read more>

#1 ASPARi nieuwsbrief 2019

March 2019

Het is weer de tijd van het jaar waar onze Universiteit Twente studenten begonnen zijn met het zoeken van bachelor projecten en hiermee starten. Hi ... Read more>

#2 ASPARi newsletter 2018

November 2018

Het jaar is bijna tot een einde gekomen. Er is veel gebeurd in de ASPARi groep op de universiteit. Op het lokale vlak is Denis Makarov verder gegaan ... Read more>

#1 ASPARi newsletter 2018

February 2018

De eerste nieuwsbrief van 2018. We verwelkomen van Gelder als Founder. Van Gelder was eerder ook al Founder en is na enkele jaren afwezigheid ... Read more>

#3 ASPARi newsletter 2017

October 2017

2017 is bijna afgelopen. Het was een druk jaar voor de onderzoekers en de studenten van de UTwente en van wat we heb-ben gezien en gehoor... Read more>

#2 ASPARi newsletter 2017

August 2017

After grappling with the rigours and challenges of designing an Asphalt Construction Real-time Process Control System for the past 2 years... Read more>

#3 ASPARi newsletter 2015

December 2015

This is the third in a series of short newsletters compiled to update our ASPARi founders and partners on what is happening within the research unit... Read more>

#2 ASPARi newsletter 2015

August 2015

This is the second in a series of short newsletters compiled to update our ASPARi founders and partners on what is happening within the research unit ... Read more>

#1 ASPARi newsletter 2015

May 2015

This is the first in a series of short newsletters compiled to update our ASPARi founders and partners on what is happening within the research unit... Read more>

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